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A learning hub and community that delivers the skills you need to make that next career move.

About Us

At Denholm, our personal career transitioning team has over 50 years’ experience in helping people who want to take back control of their careers and seek emotional and practical support to help their dream become a reality.

Why You Should Join Us

There is no doubt that the extraordinary events of the past few months have given us a chance to reflect, and whether a change is forced upon us through redundancy, or whether we have simply had our eyes opened to new career possibilities and different, more flexible ways of working, many of us are entering an unsettling period of change. While often uncomfortable, change is a time for growth. So, please don’t sit on the bench – get back in the game with the help of Navigator, your own personal career coach, to give you the tips, tricks and tools to build a more fulfilled and happy working life.

A Big Thanks

To the supporters in the Navigator community as the real stories and experiences that we all share are the real value that we each can learn from.