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VisitScotland Ambassadog - Scotland

This vacancy is no longer advertised

Dogs have #ScotSpirit

VisitScotland is looking for an outgoing, Scotland-loving and well-trained dog to fulfil the important role of Ambassadog – a canine ambassador to represent the spirit of Scotland around the world.

The role is open to all dogs from all regions of Scotland. The ability and enthusiasm to travel with their owner across Scotland (and in some cases across the rest of the UK) is vital, as is having a ‘nose’ for the best food & drink, events and walks across the country!

The dog and owner will be recruited to be global ambassadors for tourism in Scotland for 2016 with the opportunity to attend events and also potentially meet some famous faces!

This is not a paid role, but in return the chosen dog will receive a special prize for him/her and his/her owner - an exclusive, inspirational and unique dog-friendly holiday to Scotland in 2016.

Candidates should encourage their owners to provide a Word/pdf document that includes no more than 500 words on why they would be the ultimate Ambassadog for Scotland.  This document should also include a photograph of the candidate with their owner, shown enjoying a holiday in Scotland or a link to a video.  Other things to reference include:

  • Favourite places for walks in Scotland
  • Knowledge of the ‘smells’ and ‘sights’ around the country
  • How well the candidate behaves around big groups of people and other animals
  • Previous appearances on social media in pictures or posts about adventures around Scotland
  • Any other special traits/tricks the dog has to make them stand out from the crowd!

Ultimately VisitScotland is looking for an Ambassadog (and their owner/best friend) who can be the ‘faces’ of the national tourism organisation and can put their ‘paw of approval’ on what makes Scotland the ‘must visit’ destination for people from all over the world.

Shortlisted dogs and their owners will be invited to attend a recruitment day event, to take place in Edinburgh at the end of April, early May 2016.

Go to apply now, or you alternatively email:

The closing date for applications is TODAY, 6 April 2016 at 11:59pm. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting any applications received after that time. Please include with the application the following information: Dog’s name, age,  breed & location, owner’s name(s), email, telephone number and postal address.  

Terms & Conditions

  • The Ambassadog search is open to all dogs from all regions of Scotland
  • Any dogs considered must currently reside in Scotland
  • Six dogs and their owners shortlisted for the ambassadog ‘job’ will be invited to attend an interview in Edinburgh in late April/ early May.  Attendance at this is vital to be considered for the ambassadog role.  Travel expenses for the dog and owner will be covered if the dog and owner live outwith Edinburgh for the cheapest transportation option available. Accommodation can be provided if travel takes longer than three hours each way to Edinburgh.
  • The chosen Ambassadog and owner will have a holiday paid and arranged for them to a destination in Scotland (negotiated through the dog owner and VisitScotland) in 2016.  No cash alternative may be given.  This will be for a maximum of three nights and at a destination agreed between VisitScotland and the dog’s owner.
  • The dog owner will be expected to share their travels and adventures in Scotland with their dog on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) throughout 2016.  This account will be managed and updated by the dog’s owner, with some input by VisitScotland.
  • The dog owner must be happy to be involved in PR opportunities for VisitScotland campaign throughout 2016.  This could include travel outwith Scotland.  Examples of PR opportunities including being interviewed by a writer for a magazine, or appearing on live TV for an interview.  Travel expenses will be covered for these kind of opportunities.
  • For Denholm media enquiries please email Holly Garland  
  • For Visitscotland media enquiries please contact  UK:Erin Hickey (0131) 472 2030  / US:Dana Curatolo Cullen 212 696 0660 ext.3763
  • Salary:
  • Scotland
  • Ref 810
  • Date Posted Wednesday 06 Apr 20162016-04-6


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